Orkabox Core


Orkabox Core uses premium materials to blend design with capacity as our hybrid rooftop cargo box option. It is suitable for summer and winter activities and everything in between. It is capable of holding skis up to 188cm.

The focus of Core is outstanding design, premium accessories, and advanced materials balanced with capacity for your gear. This is our best all-purposes rooftop cargo carrier.

Core is best suited for individuals that frequently travel with friends, couples, and families that need extra space.

Like with all of our rooftop cargo carriers, Orkabox Core comes with our AutoClamps for quick attachment to your crossbars and an integrated lock.

Orkabox is BIG and we’re proud of it. That said, local shipping near one of our warehouses is an additional $79. Remote shipping is $149.

Overall Length

The average tailspan of an adult Orca whale. Also, long enough for most skies.

Overall Width

The average tailspan of a baby Orca whale. Plenty of room for your gear.

Overall Height

The average fin of a baby Orca whale.
More space for your stuff.


370 litres is equivalent to almost 93 jugs of milk or your favourite milk alternative. 


That’s .0000003% of the weight of an adult Orca whale. Light enough for one person to manage and mount.